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Printed Newsletters - An effective Marketing Tool

If you’ve been using e-newsletters as your marketing tool for some time now, albeit without much success, it’s time to give printed newsletters a try. Unlike their digital counterparts, printed newsletters don’t need an opt-in, can’t be deleted with a click, and don’t have to fight spam filters. Additionally, they have a higher response rate, a longer shelf-life than online newsletters, and a better chance of being noticed as they compete with fewer messages. In case you’re already thinking of printing your business newsletter and need a printing partner in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, reach out to DFW Printing Services.

Still debating the need for a printed newsletter? Remember- a well-planned newsletter can be the Swiss army knife of your marketing campaigns. That’s because a single custom print that’s regularly distributed can meet multiple marketing objectives. Be it showcasing your products and services, evoking trust with a unique voice, building brand identity and loyalty, generating qualified leads, boosting sales, or improving customer retention rates, you can do them all and even more with a well-planned newsletter. You’ll just need to align your newsletter content with your marketing goals and have a blend of informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining content backed by quality prints to achieve your goals.

Ready to tap into the power of printed newsletters? Reach DFW Printing Services by calling 972-821-9425 or via!


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