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Tell the story with catalogs and booklets
DFW Printing Services - Your reliable source for all your Catalog and Booklet Printing needs!

Living in an age of high-tech digital marketing, people may find it difficult to put together what their finished design will look like. This is why printed catalogs and booklets are an added benefit to any business. Offering details and specifications about products, services or the company may feel difficult and too wordy to do online, which is why printed catalogs and booklets come in handy. 

You don't have to worry about being too wordy and lengthy by describing a product in a catalog, because that is what it is there for. To understand down to the details, people are able to take their time and understand what it is that they are looking at when it is printed versus digitalized. If you are thinking of mailing your catalogs or booklets, it could generate up to 80% more sales by sending them out and turning your one-time customers into loyal clients. Catalog and Booklet Printing is an essential marketing material for any business and we at DFW Printing Services can help you customize and print your catalogs, effectively and efficiently. 

Booklets tell your story in a compact, visual appealing format

Custom booklets are a clever way to present fundamental details about your company in a compressed format. Booklet printing is an efficient marketing tool if you’re looking to create a product catalog, instruction guide, training manual, annual report, or even a storybook. The stapled binding provides enough sturdiness to hand them out at events, pack them with giveaways or mail them out. Plus, you get to choose the booklet cover stock and the number of pages that best suits your needs.


Why do you need printed catalogs or booklets?

Affordable and easy to produce: Unlike several other forms of marketing that need hundreds and thousands of dollars to be invested and months of planning, catalogs and booklets are affordable marketing tools that can be produced quickly if you have an experienced print partner like DFW Printing Services.
  • Investing in a catalog or booklet is a good way to successfully present your company and its offers. A physical catalog, unlike internet encounters, is multidimensional, more relaxing, and frequently browsed or read thoroughly. A printed catalog provides you with a comprehensive experience that is genuine, tactile, and incredibly effective, from the thrill of flipping the pages of a well-designed catalog to the fresh fragrance of the paper, its aesthetic appeal, and the glossy sensation you get on your fingertips.

  • Catalogs and booklets are an active marketing tool that motivates your customers to take action. Often, this step is forwarding the catalog to persons with similar interests or making a purchase decision. If you're seeking a cost-effective way to market your products and services while also broadening your message's reach, look no further.

  • When compared to their digital counterparts, people spend more time looking at something on paper. Several studies and researches have found that paper stimulates increased desire, emotional reaction, and memory retention. Hence, printed catalogs and booklets should not be overlooked, even if you have invested in digital marketing efforts or online catalogs.

  • Build trust and establish authority: Printed marketing materials stand testimony to an established business. You can make your prospects see that you’re willing to invest in your business and customers. Since people believe only a serious business would put money to print marketing materials, they’ll start trusting your business.

  • Give your business a personal touch: By designing visually appealing catalogs or booklets with targeted messages, you can enjoy a direct line of communication with your desired audience. Giving your messages a personal touch to resonate well with particular demographics can make these printed materials act as effective one-on-one communication that would bring you hot leads and sales.

When it comes to catalog and booklet printing, choosing DFW Printing Services to print and construct your catalog or booklet can be a great investment for your company. We offer catalog and booklet printing at affordable prices and exceptional quality. Whether you’re in need of something small and simple or hefty and detailed, we can guarantee you will leave with an excellent product. 

We understand the importance of your company showcasing products and services. The feel and design of the catalog or booklet provide credibility to your business and attract customers, both new and old. The print catalogs must be visually appealing so customers will want to flip through the pages. We offer a variety of customization options so you can create a booklet or catalog that showcases your brand’s image. From real estate agencies to furniture stores, a physical printed catalog or booklet is proven to attract customers and draw in sales. Having a physical catalog sent to homes or handed out at local businesses encourages customers to look your company up online or on social media platforms. Catalog printing not only puts your business directly into the hands of the customers but it also assists in boosting your brands online presence. A product catalog is an important part of all companies' marketing strategies. Being able to showcase products and services, provide clear descriptions, pricing and details all in one place alongside eye-catching visuals let your customer’s know that your brand can deliver. Here at DFW Printing Services we provide catalog printing from TX. We hope you consider contacting us for your catalog and booklet printing needs.

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