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Flyers & Brochures

DFW Printing Services - Your reliable source for all your printing needs! Contact us today for your Flyer and Brochure Printing needs!

Despite living in an age of high-tech digital marketing, the good old printed flyers and brochures are still unbeatable. Whether you need to promote your products and services, an upcoming event, special offers, and deals, or anything else, distributing flyers and brochures is an effective and economical way to get people’s attention.

As humans’ attention span gets shorter, you need a quick way of grabbing your potential customer’s attention. With well-designed flyers and brochures, doing that becomes easy. Even when you have a website and spend money on digital marketing, investing in these printed marketing materials is likely to get your business noticed more than your digital marketing efforts that could get lost in the overcrowded online landscape. Ideally, you should let your printed flyers and brochures complement your digital marketing campaigns to optimize your ROI. In case you’re ready to get your flyers and brochures printed and need an experienced print partner in Plano, Texas, you can trust the leading name in the region - DFW Printing Services.

Why you need printed flyers and brochures

If you still need more convincing, here are additional reasons why printed flyers and brochures are a good business investment:


  • Affordable and easy to produce: Unlike several other forms of marketing materials that need hundreds and thousands of dollars to be invested and months of planning, flyers, and brochures are one of the most affordable marketing tools that can be produced quickly if you have an experienced print partner like DFW Printing Services.

  • Pack a lot of information: Compared to printed postcards and letters, flyers and brochures have more space that can be optimized to hold a lot of information to ignite the interest of your prospects. Whether you’ve got a story to tell, need to promote your offerings, or create publicity for an impending product launch, you can do them all through flyers and brochures with an enticing design and message.

  • Build trust and establish authority: Printed marketing materials stand testimony to an established business. With printed flyers and brochures, you can make your prospects see that you’re willing to invest in your customers. Since people believe only a serious business would put money to print marketing materials like flyers, brochures, etc., they’ll start trusting your business.

  • Give your business a personal touch: By designing visually-appealing flyers and brochures with targeted messages, you can enjoy a direct line of communication with your desired audience. By giving your messages a personal touch to resonate well with particular demographics, you can make these printed materials act as an effective one-on-one communication that would bring you hot leads and sales.

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We are here to help!​

If all these sound great, but you’re unsure of how to design your flyers and brochures to benefit from them the right way, trust DFW Printing Services to help. Having already helped numerous Texas businesses and companies across industries leverage their printed flyers and brochures, we can do it for you too.

To discuss your print projects for customized flyers and brochures or get more details about how our printing services can help your business grow, contact us now! 

Flyers and Brochures have been used for decades, but with today’s current technology you may find yourself wondering if they really are still effective. The answer is yes, they absolutely bring success and business to companies by helping promote products and services. Flyers and Brochures put your company directly in the hands of a potential customer. 

Flyers are a cost-effective and notable way to advertise. They are a single sheet of paper, available in a variety of sizes that can easily be posted and handed out around your community.  By designing visually-appealing flyers that display your message, you can enjoy a direct line of communication with your desired audience. Similar to brochures, flyers put your products or services in the hands of your customers, bringing success to your business. Flyers are perfect for events such as a new store opening, a concert or charity event. Not only are flyers cost-effective but they have a quick turnaround time. They can be printed on short notice in order to share information fast. Flyers get the word of your product, service or event out to the public. Providing just enough information in a compelling way will make your customer want more. Then, including a QR code, phone number and social media handles will direct your audience to learn more about your business. 


If you are looking to share a lot of information with your customers in a condensed, on-the-go format, you need a brochure. A brochure is multi page folded paper used to market a company’s products or services. Brochures can be used to tell the story of your company - similar to the “about us” page on your website- which builds a more personal relationship with customers. They are great marketing tools when engaging with new customers and perfect for networking, trade shows and conventions. Brochures can provide extensive information on a product or promote an upcoming event. When creating a brochure, work with a graphic designer to create a sleek, attractive design and be sure to include all necessary contact information- address, phone number, email, social media handles etc.


Here at DFW Printing Services we offer flyer printing and brochure printing in Plano, TX. We guarantee our flyer and brochure printing in Plano will exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a quote!

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