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5 Print Marketing Materials Your Business Needs for Success

With the rising of the digital world surrounding us, is it really still important to have printed marketing material? Brochures, flyers, postcards? Absolutely. In addition to your company's social media platforms and website, well designed print material keeps the face of your company in the public’s hands.

Here are some print materials you should consider to market your products and services:

Business cards

Business cards connect with clients and are small enough to be stored in your wallet, making it easy to market on the go. All you need for a business card is your company’s logo and contact information. They are simple, yet effective when it comes to networking. Along with handing them out to the people you meet, you can display them on bulletin boards or at your local coffee shop. When printing your business cards with DFW Printing Services, you can choose from specialized printing techniques like foil stamping, embossing, lamination, or various types of coating. We allow you to fully personalize your business cards in a way which reflects your company.


If you are looking to share a lot of information with your customers in a condensed, on-the-go format, you need a brochure. A brochure is multi-page folded paper used to market a company’s products or services. Brochures can be used to tell the story of your company - similar to the “about us” page on your website - which builds a more personal relationship with customers. They are great marketing tools when engaging with new customers and perfect for networking, trade shows and conventions. Brochures provide extensive information on a product or place. When creating a brochure, work with a designer to create a sleek, attractive design and be sure to include all necessary contact information: address, phone number, email, social media handles etc.

Print Catalogs

Print catalogs are important for companies selling products such as apparel, footwear, beauty items, gardening supplies, kitchen gadgets, food and more! A print catalog provides the customer with photos, descriptions and prices of the items. The idea of a print catalog may sound dated but they are essential to the success of a business selling products. Catalogs are distributed to the customer’s home through direct mail and they often flip through the pages mindlessly. When they see an item they wish to purchase they simply go to the website and place an order. Around the holidays catalogs are all the more successful and we encourage businesses to take advantage of the holiday season. Here at DFW Printing Services we can help you customize and print your catalogs, effectively and efficiently. We also offer direct mailing services so you can connect with your audience and put your business in their hands.


Flyers are a cost-effective and notable way to advertise. They are a single sheet of paper, available in a variety of sizes that can easily be posted and handed out around your community. By designing visually-appealing flyers that display your message, you can enjoy a direct line of communication with your desired audience. Similar to brochures, flyers put your products or services in the hands of your customers, bringing success to your business. Flyers are perfect for events such as a new store opening, a concert or charity event. Not only are flyers cost-effective but they have a quick turnaround time. They can be printed on short notice in order to share information fast. Flyers get the word of your product, service or event out to the public. Providing just enough information in a compelling way will make your customer want more. Consider including a QR code, phone number and social media handle t direct your audience to learn more about your business.


Postcards are great for reaching your audience through the mail. Because of their size, material and finish, they stand out, grabbing the attention of your customers. Like flyers, they are very cost-effective. Consider including a promotional code or coupon on your postcard. Coupons encourage customers to try out your service or products and often they end up spending more money. They also motivate existing customers to come back. Our direct mail printing services allow you to experiment with a wide range of formats, papers and ink options. You can even target specific customers by designing multiple different postcards. We are here to make the printing and mailing process smooth and stress-free.

At DFW Printing services we offer a variety of print materials, paper options and mailing services. Contact us today for any questions on your printing needs. If you would like a quote, please call us right away to get your next print project done in time!


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