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5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Still Matters

Is your business in Texas too focused on its digital marketing efforts? Though there’s nothing wrong with it, neglecting direct mail could be a big mistake. With a direct mail printing partner, you can leverage your beautifully printed and customized brochures, postcards, sales letters, catalogs, and more to enjoy extended customer reach and enhanced customer loyalty. By complementing your online marketing efforts, direct mail can also boost your ROI.

If you’re not sure why investing in direct mail is a prudent business decision, here are the top five reasons why direct mail still matters.

1. Direct mail has an extensive and effective reach

Direct mail lets you target your segregated customers based on their zip codes, preferences, income averages, or other specific demographics. Unlike other types of marketing efforts that have a limited reach or may get lost amidst a pile of mail in your recipients’ mailboxes, direct mails will always stand out. Since their extent of outreach is almost unlimited, you’ll be able to reach homeowners and other businesses that could be interested in your products or services.

2. Direct mail engages your senses

Direct mail is tangible. It engages two out of your five senses as you can see and touch it. Some businesses even use specific treatments to make their mails smell nice. Studies have found that by engaging three or more senses with printed material, you’re likely to enhance not just your brand engagement but even brand awareness by a remarkable 70%. The smell is especially an interesting element as found by Lindstrom's study since 75% of human emotions are generated by what they smell.

Just like the joy you feel after opening a new book and making your eyes glide over the printed words, printed direct mail too is loved by people as they can hold it in their hands, feel it, and even store it for their future reference.

3. Direct mail is affordable

Though there are different methods of affordable marketing, direct marketing blends affordability with its extensive reach. Thus, it gives you a better chance of being seen and noticed by your target customer. Depending on how many direct mail pieces you want to get printed and how far they should be sent, you can get a precise quote from your print partner in Texas. You could save more by choosing bulk mail printing should your business need it.

Since there’s no guesswork involved with the price, exercising control over it becomes much easier than several other forms of marketing. Additionally, direct mails can be tracked easily, which guarantees they are delivered to the desired addresses on time.

4. Direct mail is more personal and offers better engagement

Digital marketing materials from different brands often seem the same and are void of personalization. In contrast, direct mails target the recipients directly in a visually-appealing format that’s more inviting and feels more personal. Since people typically spend more time to read such materials either fully or scan them at the least, they encourage better engagement and even have a better reaction to their CTAs (calls-to-action).

5. Direct mail impresses people

Unlike generic digital marketing, customized direct mails impress your recipients more. They’re bound to notice the effort and time that has been invested into creating these personalized pieces to represent your business and brand in the right light. As a result, they’ll feel more inclined to contact you or respond in a desirable way, such as using a coupon, registering their names for an upcoming product launch, etc.

Final words

If you’re struggling to achieve the desired ROI with your present marketing efforts, you should start using direct mails to experience a noticeable improvement. Just make sure to choose a reliable printing partner in Texas like DFW Printing Services, which can be reached via 972-821-9425 or


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