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5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Printing Jobs To A Professional Printer

In today’s world, despite the rise of digital communication, many people still prefer to receive printed materials such as a vibrant brochure, a glossy magazine, a full-color postcard, etc. If you, too, are planning to send out these printed marketing materials to your customers in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to leverage the power of print marketing, chances are you’ve already started thinking about the process and cost of printing them. You might have considered printing them yourself as that seems to be a cheaper, faster, and more comfortable option than outsourcing your printing jobs to a printer. Well, we would agree as it’s okay and cost-effective to print them straight from your company copy machine as long as you need only 20 to 30 low-quality copies. But if you need more than that and a least a decent, professional look of printed pieces, outsourcing the job to a professional printer will be the best and most economical solution. If you’re still in a dilemma, here’re the top 5 advantages by hiring a commercial printer.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

You need to invest considerably to create top-quality print materials. From high-end copy machines and printer consumables (hello outrageously expensive print cartridges) to high-quality media and regular maintenance – various costs come into the picture. On the contrary, when you outsource the job to a reputable printing company, you only need to pay for the materials you get printed, which becomes more cost-effective by any means.

2. Top Quality Printed Materials

Though they’re easy to use, your office copy machines can never match the quality offered by professional printing software and technology. As the key objective of sending out printed materials is to attract clients/customers, it’s impossible to compromise quality. In short, to help your business rise above the competition, your marketing materials have to be printed immaculately, and this is exactly where a professional printing service stands out.

3. Quick Turnaround

When you outsource your print jobs to a commercial printing service, you can rest assured of getting them done accurately within your specified deadline. Of course, your employees understand how to do basic printing jobs, but when it comes to printing a bulk volume of essential marketing materials quickly, they are not the best people to handle it. Outsourcing your printing jobs means you are getting a professional team of printing experts to take care of your print jobs. These people are capable of completing the printing task as effectively and efficiently because they are experts, and that’s all they do.

4. Proper Manpower Utilization

Like most businesses, you and your employees are busy with handling different kinds of tasks daily. Would it be prudent to pull an employee from his/her essential duties to manage print jobs for your marketing materials? That too only to get results that might not look as professional as they should. It’d be an obvious case of lost productivity and dollars that could be better invested in handling critical business tasks.

5. Effective Print Management

In addition to the above, a reputable commercial printing company would also help you in making decisions on appropriate printing options such as paper, coating, and binding choices depending on your business’s specific requirements. Your commercial printing company will have many more options on paper, sizes, finishes, and binding than your old’ copy machine. And the results will be high-quality printing products that you can be proud of distributing.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the key benefits that a professional printing service would bring your way. At DFW Printing Services, we provide a wide variety of printing services at affordable prices. And we’ll make sure you get the highest quality printed materials while saving a lot of time and money.

To get started with your printing jobs, reach out to us via phone: 972.821.9425 or email:, and we’ll come up with the most fitting and cost-effective solutions for your business after discussing your requirements.


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