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How to Improve Your Sales During Summer 2021 Using Innovative Marketing Materials

Many business owners think that summer isn’t the right time for marketing activities as people prefer sipping cocktails on their patio or lazing around the pool instead of going out. However, in reality, there are some great opportunities to improve your business’s bottom line, provided you follow the right strategies. The best part is you can potentially get a good chunk of the market share by focusing on summer marketing strategies because very few of your competitors are doing the same this time. Here’re some effective strategies you should incorporate in summer marketing activities.

  • Take your business and products outside.

It’s a fact that brick-and-mortar stores typically experience a decline in sales during the summer months. However, it’s possible to leverage the warmer months and transform this problem into an opportunity. Check out if there’re upcoming events and/or activities where your business can participate. For instance, participating in an event/activity involving your target group or setting up a pop-up store would be an effective way to improve sales. Just be sure to stay equipped with proper technologies such as an mPOS so that you can perform sales effortlessly outside your store. While you’re at the event/pop-up store, you can always use bold signage or banners to inform the customers about your next events or upcoming product launch to drum up interest.

  • Hand out summer-related products

Even if your business doesn’t offer any summer-related products, distributing them among potential customers will help improve your brand awareness, which could eventually increase your sales. Consider distributing products that your customers can use during summer months, such as reusable water bottles, beach towels, etc. Of course, you’d need to partner with a good printing service provider to have your business logo displayed on them prominently but the results will be worth it.

  • Organize a flash sale

Organizing a flash sale is almost a surefire way to increase your sales even in the hot summer months. As flash sales essentially last for a short period of time only and offer heavy discounts, it’ll entice the customers to flock to your store. However, it’s important to announce the sale well in advance using online mediums such as social media and offline methods like standees, banners, etc to help potential customers know about it in time.

  • Create an event for your store

Using an attention-grabbing event to build brand awareness and provide value to potential customers is another effective idea to increase sales during summer. There’re many different types of events that can be organized according to the products/services your business offers. For example, if it sells garden supplies, you can think of organizing a garden party in your parking lot while decorating the area with beautiful plants and flowers. You may also want to invite gardening experts to share tips and answer the questions of the attendees. To attract people to the event, advertise it using different means. These may include displaying eye-catching window graphics, handing out leaflets, putting up banners or posters in areas where your target groups are situated, etc.

Wrapping up

It’s also important to understand that not everyone goes on a vacation during summer. There’re lots of people who stay at home during this time and keep on looking for enjoyable summer experiences. You can try to create those experiences by offering some great discounts or organizing a contest with some valuable prizes. Whatever method you choose to build your customer base and increase sales, it’s a must to focus on proper advertising using the right marketing materials to let your target groups know what your business is planning to do.


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