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Top 4 Tips To Reduce Your Brochure Printing Cost

Brochure printing could be expensive – no matter whether you need to print just one piece or a thousand. Many businesses try to compromise on the print quality or design aspect to cut costs. There’re others who wonder if the brochure printing services they’re getting offer them their money’s worth. If you belong to either of these two leagues, we want to help.

With our 30+ years of experience in the printing industry, we know the pain-points of our customers well. That’s why we like to provide them with the necessary information so that they could make an informed choice.

To reduce your brochure printing cost, you should take the following key factors in consideration.

1. Find the right printing partner

Those who have small or one-off print jobs often try to get it done in-house. But it could cost you more in the long run as your staff isn’t familiar with the process and could end up making mistakes, which would mean you’ve to do reruns, which would add up the costs. This makes it important to find the right printing company to handle your brochure print jobs and even those other marketing materials. Ideally, you should shop around to compare the services and rates on offer before finalizing a deal. Look for a printing company that has been in the industry for long, has a reputation of delivering high quality at affordable costs and within deadlines. If they’ve already done work similar to what you’re looking for, that would be a bonus. But make sure you compare apples to apples - paper quality can be a cost-saver!

2. Print just what’s necessary

There’s no point in printing a thousand brochures, most of which will simply sit idle gathering dust just because you thought you would need them sometime later. Your printed brochures have a limited shelf life and what’s trendy today could go out of fashion soon into the future, rendering your unused pieces useless. Make sure to assess your printing needs to avoid stockpiling and wastage. Try to print fewer brochures (or other marketing materials) at a time as it would let you make the most of your marketing campaign and give you the flexibility to change it, if needed, before they’re sent for the next print run.

3. Be judicious with your brochure’s size and page count

Don’t try to fit in too much within your brochure’s limited space. Else, it would look unprofessional and cluttered. However, don’t go overboard with large or heavy brochures just because you want to create a great impact. Invest in concise and effective copywriting to ensure your brochure highlights the necessary information. It’s equally important to have an experienced design partner for your brochure to ensure the end-product is visually appealing and enticing for your target customers. You could also ask your designer to utilize light graphics or background white to give it a soothing look and help you save cost on lamination or varnish that’s almost a necessity with dark-colored graphics.

4. Think before choosing the colors, inks, and typescripts

You don’t always need your brochures to have multi-color printing. If you’ve got a high-quality design, your bi-color or monochrome brochure would be as good as (or even better, at times, than) their colorful counterparts. You also need to choose your metallic inks, spot colors, or custom inks carefully if you need special printing effects in specific spots (say, in the call-to-action text) of your brochure to attract attention. Even your chosen typescript influences the amount of ink used for your brochure’s print job. For example, Arial uses more ink than Times New Roman or Century Gothic. If you want to print a text-heavy brochure, you should discuss it with your printer.

Keeping your data cleansed for accuracy, using quirky folding techniques to give even the simplest brochures a twist, and optimal space usage are some other factors that will help you to reduce your brochure printing costs.

For affordable yet high-quality brochure printing, contact us here at DFW Printing Services at 972-821-9425 or email us at


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