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Why combining direct mail marketing with postcard printing makes sense

Perhaps now more than ever, businesses need to plan their allocation of marketing dollars wisely to attract new clients while retaining the older ones. COVID-19 has not only changed lives across the world but even disrupted the marketplace, thus forcing businesses to rethink their marketing strategies. If your company focuses just on digital marketing, consider complementing it with direct mail marketing and postcard printing. Why? Let’s check out the reasons.

Direct mail marketing’s appeal has widened significantly.

Direct Mail Postcards Printing Dallas
Direct Mail Campaigns have a Big Impact

Those who believe direct mail to be a traditional marketing strategy that won’t appeal to millennials need to think again. A 2018 survey found 75% of respondents (who were millennials) saying how receiving direct mail made them feel special. If your business needs to convert millennials into paying customers, sending direct mails is worth an investment.

Much higher open rates than digital marketing campaigns also work in favor of direct mails. Emails have an open rate of 10% to 25% and a click-through rate varying between 2-5%, depending on the industry, says Mailchimp. In contrast, direct mail boasts of an open rate of 90%.

But there’s more to the story. When it comes to unsolicited offers, 70% of consumers said they prefer traditional mail, according to the 2018 DMA Response Rate Report.

Need one more reason to start using direct mails? According to a survey conducted by Valassis, 30% of consumers invest more time to read marketing promotions delivered in their home mailbox than pre-COVID-19 times. As the emphasis on social distancing efforts continues, a growing number of customers are relying on their mailboxes to bring them valuable and versatile information. This means by taking the direct mail marketing route; your business can quickly reach and impress your target audience - at home.

Why use postcard printing?

Businesses can consider different direct mail formats to reach their target customers. These could include postcards, brochures, and newsletters, among others. Companies looking to choose a direct mail format that’s affordable and easy to design can choose postcards.

None should underestimate the power of the classic postcard. When your business aims to get noticed but doesn’t want to say too much, printed postcards could be the ideal solution to convey a well-planned, concise message. The goal should be to communicate quickly, clearly, and efficiently to ensure your business stands out. And the best part? An almost 100% open rate! How? Because the recipients don’t need to go through the added step of opening an envelope as they can immediately notice the images and message on the postcard. To make the printed postcards appeal better to the target customers, consider personalizing them for different recipient demographics. Personalization boosts the response rate that such postcards bring for your business.

Finding a printing partner

If your business is set to take advantage of direct mailing and postcard printing, Texas-based DFW Printing Services can help with both. Having 30+ years of industry experience, our print shop can competently handle all your business print material needs. We can also prepare a mailing list that aligns with your business marketing plans and directly sends them all the printed mails and postcards. Irrespective of whether there are a handful of recipients or hundreds and thousands, DFW Printing Services can ensure your direct mails and postcards reach and stand out in their mailboxes. Thus, by letting your customers quickly see what your business offers, we can help you generate new leads. These leads could eventually be converted into sales to let your business reach the next level.

To get started, contact us here at DFW Printing Services today by dialing 972-821-9425 or sending an email to


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