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Why It Is a Must to Use Print Marketing During the Holidays

As we are basically in the middle of the Holiday Shopping season, businesses across the globe are trying to create marketing campaigns to take advantage of the busiest shopping period of the year. While many companies are planning to use digital marketing to showcase their holiday campaigns, business owners can also use print marketing to accomplish the same.

Perhaps the best thing about using printed materials is that they let business owners achieve the same goal at a much smaller budget. If you’re interested in knowing why you should use print marketing for your business’s holiday campaigns, continue reading.

Use Direct Mails to Surprise Your Customers

While most companies use social media messages, emails, and other online advertising methods to reach out to their customers, you can use direct mails to give them a nice surprise. As the recipients of direct mails tend to open them the same day they receive the mails, they can be powerful tools to improve your brand reputation.

Just try not to send out generic mails. Personalize the direct mails to make the recipients feel more special. You can also use them to promote your holiday discounts and special offerings to entice the recipients to visit your store.

Use Visual Signage to Attract Customers

Signs can attract the attention of lots of customers when you include attention-grabbing elements in their designs. You can use different colors and funny text to make your business signs stand out.

Research shows that when it comes to visual signage, bigger is always better. Replace your storefront sign with a bigger one, and your business’s sales can increase dramatically. In short, without good signs directing or informing your customers, you may miss lots of sales opportunities.

It’s important to understand that your business signage doesn’t need to be as big as billboards to tell prospective customers that your business is ready for the holiday season. Instead, a well-designed and well-written sign is more important. Just be sure to double-check everything before placing the order to a print service provider because a grammatical error or misspelling may not bring you the desired results.

Send Calendars to Stand Out From the Competition

While postcards and other mailers work wonderfully in promoting new products and increasing sales, chances are most companies are doing the same thing. A smart way to make your business stand out from the pack is to send printed calendars to the prospects and customers.

Even in this digital age, a lot of people still rely on paper calendars and planners to organize their days. While flyers or postcards help to attract attention for a certain period of time, calendars remain in front of the recipients’ eyes throughout the year. Remember to add your business logo and other important details to ensure the recipients remember your brand.

Send Out Holiday Cards

A well-designed holiday card is a wonderful way to bolster your relationship with your existing customers and capture the attention of prospective ones. Note that to leverage this strategy, it’s very important to create custom, personalized cards to send out for the holidays. Therefore, it’s always advisable to engage a reputable print service provider to do this job.

Contact us today for any questions on your printing needs. If you would like a quote, please call us right away to get your next print project done in time!


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