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Your Ultimate Guide to Print Marketing Materials to Boost Holiday Sales

Printed marketing materials have always been essential elements of the success of business marketing plans. From creating a long-lasting impression of the brand and showcasing the products to announcing new arrivals to offering tempting discounts – they can be used for lots of purposes.

If you’re thinking about what materials you should print to boost holiday sales, continue reading. Here, we’ve created a list of the top seven print marketing materials to entice shoppers and influence their purchase decisions.

1. Season’s Greetings Cards

Sending season’s greetings cards to shoppers is a wonderful way to make them feel special. Be sure to include a holiday-themed design to make these cards more appealing.

Keep them simple by only adding your brand logo and colors along with a personalized message. Avoid using generic cards as they’d never deliver the meaningful sentiments, which are the key characteristics of custom cards.

2. Product Catalogs

While you can always direct shoppers to your business website, it won’t be as effective as sending out product catalogs. You’ll also be able to communicate the special offerings to a lot more people.

Remember to highlight the special offerings for the holiday season when printing catalogs.

By using the knowledge of a team of experts, you’ll be able to make the catalogs stand out to entice potential customers.

3. Personalized Invitations

If your business has already developed a considerable number of loyal customers, sending personalized invitations can do wonders. A personalized, printed invitation demonstrates how much your business values its customers and wants to engage with them during the holiday season.

Focus on the feel and look of the invitations by choosing the right finishes, layout, lettering, etc. and mail them prior to the appropriate shopping days.

4. Banners and Posters

Banners and posters generate an enduring appeal, which very few customers can resist. When placed in strategic locations, these greatly help to increase sales by magnifying your business’s special offerings and holiday discounts.

When printing banners/posters, be sure to include just a couple of lines of important information so that people can easily recall it. Also, keep their sizes large enough to capture your shoppers’ undivided attention.

5. Flyers

One of the key advantages of using flyers is they not only inform potential shoppers about special offerings but quickly present your business information as well. Moreover, these can be distributed in any busy location.

Apart from promoting special deals and events for the holiday season, you should include your business’s website URL, and social media handles to bolster your marketing efforts.

6. Wall Graphics

Printing visually attractive wall graphics is another effective idea to increase holiday sales.

Just be sure to choose locations that experience lots of footfalls.

Contact a reputable printing service to get self-adhesive wall graphics created from materials such as vinyl. Choose the height wisely so that people can easily notice them.

7. Calendars

As the holiday season will be followed by the new year, distributing printed calendars will be a good idea to let people become aware of your business. The recipients will see the calendars every day, so they’ll be reminded of your brand throughout the year. Additionally, your clients/customers may pass them along to family and friends, which will multiply your reach.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to obtaining print marketing materials, it’s a must to choose only the experts in the industry. You’ll not only be able to create a unique line of marketing materials but get valuable insights into promoting your brand from expert designers as well.

Contact us today with your business’s requirements for the holiday season and get top-notch products printed at competitive prices.


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